We develop for  experiences. innovation. creativity.

We are passionate about creating digital experiences that last and helping clients to empower their communication and achieve their digital goals. 

Our mission is to offer every client a unique experience in the empowerment of their digital communication through Drupal and Magento. Making things happen is a principle that guides the work we do. 


Here at Kadabra we aspire to live up to a few simple values:


We believe in growing together. We build strong & long lasting relationship with our clients and with our team.


For a good communication the most important thing is to listen and comprehend our clients.


Every problem have a solution, no matter how difficult, we make things happen.


We empower our team to take initiative, to assume challenges, to lead and get things done.


We do what we do because we love it and we are passionate about creating experience that last. 


We value and respect our coworkers and clients, their time, opinion, voice in every step of every project.  


Who We Are

Kadabra IT is a Team of professional Ninjas. We provide a consistent experience across different digital channels allowing your customers to really experience your brand. From browsing to buying, reading to subscribing, people are looking for enjoyable, intuitive and almost effortless experience. We love making things happen for our clients. We've been doing and perfecting this since 2013.